About AgEd Today News

What's Included:

Comprehensive. Flexible. Affordable. The AgEd Today feature is a must for busy ag teachers and students who want a convenient way to keep up with agricultural news.

  • AgEd Today - agriculture-related stories updated daily during the school year. Don't worry if you miss a day. We keep these files for two weeks.

  • Weekly Current Events Quiz - questions from the week's daily news reports. Answers are only available with teacher passwords.

  • Timely Topics - special reports with links to related AgEdNet.com lessons and other websites. Timely Topics are archived for future use.

  • News Review Worksheet - printer-friendly news review worksheet. Pick a story from AgEd Today, then dig deeper.

Ways to use the AgEdNet.com features:

  • Some teachers print out the daily news for students to read during the start of class or during roll call.
  • Students can read the news in a computer lab or at their home computer for extra credit.
  • Students preparing for speeches or ag issues competition often print stories related to their topic for background reference and information.
  • The weekly quiz can be used for extra credit points or as part of an independent study program.
  • Use the news review worksheet to help students analyze the news stories they read. Writing answers in complete sentences will help improve writing skills as well.

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